Hello World

Until now my books have not been exposed to social media chatter, or the clever ways writers use to grab the attention of readers. Perhaps the time has come to invite potential readers to sample some of what I have laboriously put together and get to chat with some of you.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t care if I ever see one of my books on the New York Times bestseller list.  Regardless of whether that opportunity ever arises, I continue to write, because I must. Moreover, as a contemporary woman in her nineties,  I’m intrigued by those clever little robots that now populate our homes, offices – the  modern-day genies we increasingly rely on, even while driving, dining and often while perilously crossing the street.  Bottom line – we are becoming addicted, no less than if we were druggies on a different path.

The little technicons and I have long since settled our differences.  I am particularly fond of my faithful little friend, the robotic Dragon, who listens carefully to my rambling words and instantly transfers them into legible text on my computer screen.

Like others, I’m slowly adapting to the new-fangled tools of our modern age, even as I still nostalgically lament the loss of reliable old friends – the retired Remingtons and Underwoods – that helped me turn out millions of words during my 40-year newspaper career.

Like its predecessors, I have named my new all-in-one PC – UBIE as a  tribute to Ubie Blake , one the jazz icons of all time, who lived to be 99 and never lost his dexterity or passion for music, like writers who never seem to lose their passion for words.

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    1. Jen: Thank you for your nice compliment.Could you let me know what, in particular, you liked about “Line of Sight”. As a writer it is so helpful to hear from readers.I am still new at this website dialogue but look forward to the messages. Evie (do I know you?)

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