I’ve been asked numerous times: What motivates you to write books. How do you come up with new ideas for a book?
The memoir genre has become my favorite writing style, perhaps because at 94 I rarely need to think up a new theme. A long life provides that rim-full cornucopia from which to draw diverse experiences and emotions felt.

“Across the Herring Pond,” was already perking in my late teens as a time-travel novel based on an eccentric ancestor in early 19th century England and his fascinating voyage to the New World. But then, I did not understand that good writing would require patience, painstaking research, and only a wider exposure to life itself would prepare me to write it. That time came in 2007.

“Conversations with Mademoiselle ZoZo” grew from my fascination with a rare, 200-year-old doll purchased in France. She must have endured some neglect from little mistresses who had owned her, yet her dignity remains intact. What could she tell us about her first 50 years during the Napoleonic era? Part I has 10 separate stories for children. Part II delves deeper into the history of dolls and reflects my interest in fashion’s ever-changing trends.

“Five Honeymoons” is a true late-love story (my own), where I reconnect serendipitly with my first boy crush at 13, whom I haven’t seen or heard from in 65 years. The message here is: love is ageless, possible at a moment’s notice, and it can be splendiferous.

“The Life and Times of Phlange Welder” is a humorous episode behind-the-scenes in the newsroom of a major newspaper that turns into an exciting, on-going saga of fun and frolic. I was inspired to write it because I was part of that conspiracy.

“Line of Sight – The Life and Vision of Klaus Landsberg” profiles an electronic genius (founder of KTLA-TV), whose many ‘firsts’ helped shape television as we know it today. As his first wife, I lived this exciting post-war period and was eyewitness to his brave efforts.

“Hanadai – The Price of the Flower,” is a work in progress about a rare opportunity to view the inner world of the traditional Japanese geisha.

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  1. evie, there’s so much here…all this stuff that so intrigues me…what a gift that you’d find me and that we can look forward to lunch once more in your lovely Hollywood hideaway…will be back to you with dates once we settle back into Laguna…e-mail me and we can strike up an ongoing conversation…you were my muse nearly 50 years ago…and now you’re back.

    love from Marcella, Harvey, and Faust the Adorable (that’s our dog)

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